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YouTube Go APK: A Faster and Lighter Way to Watch YouTube Videos

What is YouTube Go and why you should use it

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world, but it can also consume a lot of your data, storage, and battery. If you have a slow or unstable internet connection, or a low-end smartphone, you might find it hard to enjoy YouTube videos smoothly. That's why Google created YouTube Go, a lite version of YouTube that lets you download and watch videos offline, control your data usage, and share videos with your friends without using data.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about YouTube Go APK, how to download and install it on your Android device, how to use its features, and what are its pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide if YouTube Go is the right app for you.

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YouTube Go features

YouTube Go is designed to be your everyday companion, even when you have limited data or a slow connection. It has three main features that make it different from the regular YouTube app:

Download and watch videos offline

With YouTube Go, you can download videos to your phone or SD card and watch them without buffering or internet connection. You can also watch downloaded videos as many times as you want without any extra data cost. This way, you can save your data for other things and enjoy your favorite videos anytime, anywhere.

Control your data usage

YouTube Go gives you more control over how much data you use on videos. You can choose to download or watch videos, preview videos before you download or watch them, and select how many MBs you use on videos. You can also see how much data you have saved by using YouTube Go.

Super fast and less phone hang

YouTube Go is made to work with less storage and slow speeds. It is only 9.9 MB in size, making it a compact alternative to the regular YouTube app. It also reduces the phone hang by running smoothly on low-end devices. You don't have to worry about your phone hanging anymore when you use YouTube Go.

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How to download and install YouTube Go APK

If you want to try YouTube Go on your Android device, you have two options: download it from the Google Play Store or download it from other sources like APKCombo. Here are the steps for both options:

Download from Google Play Store

This is the easiest and safest way to get YouTube Go on your device. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your device.

  • Search for "YouTube Go" or click .

  • Tap on "Install" and wait for the app to download and install.

  • Open the app and enjoy!

Download from APKCombo or other sources

If you can't access the Google Play Store or want to get an older version of YouTube Go, you can download it from other sources like APKCombo. However, this method is not recommended as it may expose your device to security risks. If you still want to do it, follow these steps: Enable unknown sources and install the APK file

If you download YouTube Go APK from a source other than the Google Play Store, you need to enable unknown sources on your device. This allows you to install apps that are not from the official app store. However, this also poses a security risk, so be careful what you download and install. To enable unknown sources, follow these steps:

  • Go to your device's settings and look for the security or privacy option.

  • Depending on your device, you may need to tap on the lock screen and security tab or the install unknown apps switch.

  • Then, you need to turn on the unknown sources switch or check the box next to it.

  • You may see a warning message against enabling this option. Tap OK or Allow to proceed.

Once you have enabled unknown sources, you can install the YouTube Go APK file that you downloaded. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Locate the YouTube Go APK file on your device. You can use a file manager app or go to the downloads folder.

  • Tap on the file to open it. You may see a confirmation message asking if you want to install this app. Tap Install or Yes to continue.

  • Wait for the installation process to finish. You may see a message saying that the app was installed successfully.

  • Tap Open or Done to launch or exit the app.

How to use YouTube Go APK

Now that you have installed YouTube Go APK on your device, you can start using it to watch and download videos. Here are some tips on how to use YouTube Go APK:

Choose your language and sign in with Google account

When you open YouTube Go for the first time, you will be asked to choose your language and sign in with your Google account. You can choose from over 80 languages and sign in with your existing Google account or create a new one. Signing in with your Google account will allow you to access your subscriptions, history, and recommendations.

Browse and preview videos before downloading or watching

You can browse videos by categories, such as music, comedy, gaming, news, etc. You can also search for videos by keywords or voice search. To preview a video before downloading or watching it, tap on the video thumbnail and then tap Preview. You will see a short snippet of the video that shows you what it is about. This way, you can decide if you want to download or watch it.

Select the video quality and data usage

When you tap on a video thumbnail, you will see two options: Download or Play. If you choose Download, you will be able to select the video quality and data usage. You can choose from Basic (144p), Standard (360p), or High (480p). The higher the quality, the more data and storage it will use. You will also see how much data and storage each option will use before you download it. If you choose Play, you will be able to watch the video online without downloading it. However, this will also use data depending on the video quality.

Share videos with nearby friends without using data

One of the coolest features of YouTube Go is that you can share videos with your nearby friends without using any data. This works by using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct technology. To share videos with nearby friends, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the Share tab at the bottom of the app.

  • Select the videos that you want to share. You can only share videos that you have downloaded.

  • Tap Send at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Your device will start searching for nearby devices that have YouTube Go installed.

  • Ask your friend to open YouTube Go and tap on Receive in the Share tab.

  • Your friend's device will appear on your screen. Tap on it to start sharing.

  • You may need to pair your devices using Bluetooth if they are not already paired.

  • The video transfer will begin and finish in a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the video.

Pros and cons of YouTube Go APK

YouTube Go APK is a great app for people who want to save data, storage, and battery while watching YouTube videos. However, it also has some limitations and drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are some of the pros and cons of YouTube Go APK:

Pros: Save data, storage, and battery; Watch videos anytime, anywhere; Share videos easily

  • You can You can save data by downloading videos offline and controlling how much data you use on videos. You can also see how much data you have saved by using YouTube Go.

  • You can save storage by choosing the video quality and data usage that suits your device. You can also delete videos that you don't need anymore.

  • You can save battery by using YouTube Go instead of the regular YouTube app, as it consumes less power and runs faster on low-end devices.

  • You can watch videos anytime, anywhere, even when you have no internet connection or a slow connection. You can also watch downloaded videos as many times as you want without any extra data cost.

  • You can share videos with your nearby friends without using any data. You can also discover new videos from your friends and enjoy them together.

Cons: Limited video r

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