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Nammalvar Books in Tamil

Nammalvar (G. Nammalvar, 6 April 1938 - 30 December 2013) was one of the leading natural scientists of Tamil Nadu. He was born in Ilankadu, a small village near Thirukkattupalli in Thanjavur district. He studied agriculture at Annamalai University and received an honorary doctorate in science from Gandhigram Rural University in 2007. He was a pioneer of natural farming and organic agriculture in Tamil Nadu and a vocal critic of chemical pesticides, nuclear tests, genetically modified crops, and land grabbing. He also worked for the rehabilitation of the lands affected by the tsunami in Nagapattinam district and Indonesia. He founded several organizations such as Vanagam, Kudumbam, and Thamizhin Valviyal Palakalaikazhagam (Tamil Natural Science University) and published a monthly magazine called Periyigai (The Gift). He also conducted several walking tours across Tamil Nadu to spread awareness and training on natural farming methods.


Nammalvar wrote many books on natural farming, ecology, and spirituality in Tamil. Some of his books are:

  • : A book that explores the connection between health and nature and advocates for a holistic approach to healing.

  • : A book that exposes the dangers of genetically modified seeds and promotes the preservation of native seeds.

  • : A book that explains the principles and practices of natural farming and provides practical guidance for farmers.

  • : A book that discusses the importance of designing our living spaces in harmony with nature and offers examples of eco-friendly architecture.

  • : A book that traces the evolution of farming from ancient times to the present day and analyzes the impact of various agricultural systems on society and environment.

  • : A book that expresses Nammalvar's love and reverence for nature and its diversity through poems and essays.

  • : A book that explores the concept of happiness from a natural perspective and suggests ways to achieve it.

  • : A book that examines the issue of hunger from a natural perspective and proposes solutions to end it.

  • : A book that provides recipes and tips for preparing healthy and delicious food using natural ingredients.

  • : A book that answers the common questions and doubts about natural farming and convinces the readers of its benefits.

  • : A book that exposes the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers on human health and environment and urges the farmers to switch to natural alternatives.

  • : A book that celebrates the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth and calls for her protection and respect.

Nammalvar's books are available online at, a website that sells books on natural farming, ecology, spirituality, and social justice. Nammalvar's books are also available at Vanagam, his headquarters in Aththivetti village near Karur, where he lived and worked until his death. Vanagam is a center for natural farming, education, and research that hosts various training programs, workshops, and events for farmers, students, and activists. Nammalvar's books are a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone who is interested in natural farming, ecology, and spirituality.

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