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The Story Behind Miner 2019er: An Interview with the Developer

Miner 2019er Download: How to Play the Prequel to Miner 2049er on Your PC

If you are a fan of classic retro-style games, you might have heard of Miner 2049er, a popular platform game released in 1982 for various home computers and consoles. The game featured Bounty Bob, a miner who had to explore various mines and claim them by running over every inch of them. Along the way, he had to avoid deadly mutants and use various tools and devices.

But did you know that there is a prequel to Miner 2049er that was released in 2019 for the Commodore 64? It's called Miner 2019er, and it's a brand-new game by Daniel Avery, produced with permission and support from the original game author Bill Hogue. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Miner 2019er, how to download and install it, and how to play it on your PC.

miner 2019er download

What is Miner 2019er?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Miner 2019er is a prequel to Miner 2049er that tells the story of how Bounty Bob got sent back in time from 2049 to 2019. He has to find a way back to the future by exploring 25 different mines and collecting various items. The game reproduces the look and feel of the original game, but with some new features and improvements.

Some of the features of Miner 2019er are:

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  • Classic retro-style gameplay with simple keyboard or joystick controls

  • Incredibly catchy Rob Hubbard inspired title tune

  • 25 all-new levels to explore, including ports of three Colecovision exclusive levels

  • Cartridge .crt version included for easy loading

  • Hi-score table that you can save to disk or cartridge

  • SD2IEC compatible for loading from SD cards

  • PAL and NTSC compatible for different regions

  • C64 Mini + Maxi compatible for playing on modern devices

How it is related to the original Miner 2049er

Miner 2019er is not a remake or a clone of Miner 2049er, but a prequel that takes place before the events of the original game. It is officially endorsed by Bill Hogue, the creator of Miner 2049er, who gave his permission and support to Daniel Avery, the developer of Miner 2019er. The game follows the same gameplay mechanics and rules as Miner 2049er, but with some new twists and surprises.

For example, some of the new elements in Miner 2019er are:

  • Hidden items that can be revealed by running over certain tiles

  • Bonus levels that can be accessed by collecting all items in a level

  • Speed medals that can be earned by completing a level within a certain time limit

  • Different types of mutants with different behaviors and abilities

  • New tools and devices such as teleporters, elevators, switches, etc.

How to Download and Install Miner 2019er

Where to buy the game online

If you want to play Miner 2019er, you will need to buy the game online from the official website of the developer. The game costs 4.99 (about $6.80) and you can pay with PayPal or credit card. You will receive a download link to your email address after the payment is confirmed. The download file is a zip archive that contains the game files and instructions.

You can also buy a physical copy of the game on a cassette tape or a cartridge from various online retailers, such as Psytronik or Protovision. The physical copies come with a printed manual, a sticker, and a poster. The prices vary depending on the format and the shipping costs.

How to run the game on a C64 emulator

If you don't have a real Commodore 64 computer, you can still play Miner 2019er on your PC using a C64 emulator. An emulator is a software that mimics the hardware and software of another system, allowing you to run games and programs that were designed for that system.

There are many C64 emulators available for different platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc. Some of the most popular ones are VICE, CCS64, and Hoxs64. You can download them for free from their respective websites and follow their installation instructions.

To run Miner 2019er on a C64 emulator, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Extract the zip file that you downloaded from the developer's website.

  • Locate the file named "Miner2019er.crt" in the extracted folder. This is the cartridge version of the game that can be loaded directly by the emulator.

  • Launch the emulator and select "Attach cartridge image" from the menu.

  • Browse to the folder where you extracted the zip file and select "Miner2019er.crt".

  • Press F1 to start the game.

How to port the game to a real C64 hardware

If you have a real Commodore 64 computer and want to play Miner 2019er on it, you will need to port the game from your PC to your C64. There are different ways to do this, depending on what kind of hardware and software you have.

One of the easiest ways is to use an SD2IEC device, which is a device that connects to your C64 and allows you to load games and programs from an SD card. You can buy an SD2IEC device from various online shops, such as The Future was 8bit or Retro Innovations. You will also need an SD card formatted in FAT32 and a USB card reader.

To port Miner 2019er to your C64 using an SD2IEC device, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Extract the zip file that you downloaded from the developer's website.

  • Locate the folder named "SD2IEC" in the extracted folder. This folder contains two files: "Miner2019er.d64" and "Miner2019er.prg". These are the disk and program versions of the game that can be loaded by the SD2IEC device.

  • Insert your SD card into your USB card reader and connect it to your PC.

  • Copy the folder "SD2IEC" and its contents to your SD card.

  • Eject your SD card from your PC and insert it into your SD2IEC device.

  • Connect your SD2IEC device to your C64 and turn it on.

  • Type "LOAD"*",8" and press RETURN. This will load the first file on your SD card, which is "Miner2019er.d64".

  • Type "RUN" and press RETURN. This will start the game.

How to Play Miner 2019er

The basic gameplay and controls

The gameplay of Miner 2019er is similar to Miner 2049er, but with some new features and improvements. The goal of each level is to claim all of the mine by running over every inch of it. You can use ladders, slides, beams, lifts, etc. to move around. You have to avoid or eliminate mutants that roam around the mine by using tools or devices such as dynamite, laser guns, teleporters, etc.

You can control Bounty Bob using either a keyboard or a joystick. The default keyboard controls are:

KeyActionQMove left

WMove right

EClimb up

RClimb down


YUse tool or device

F1Pause game

F3Toggle music on/off

F5Toggle sound effects on/off

F7Quit game

You can also redefine the keyboard controls by p

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