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Luigi Serafini Pulcinellopedia Piccola Pdf Free

Luigi Serafini's Pulcinellopedia: A Surreal Tribute to a Neapolitan Icon

Luigi Serafini is an Italian artist and designer based in Milan, who is best known for creating the Codex Seraphinianus, an illustrated encyclopedia of imaginary things in what was believed to be a constructed language. In 1984, he published another remarkable book, Pulcinellopedia (piccola), a suite of pencil drawings and short texts dedicated to the famed Neapolitan character Pulcinella (or "Punch" as he is referred to in English) .

luigi serafini pulcinellopedia piccola pdf free

Pulcinella is a classic figure of the Italian commedia dell'arte, a form of popular theatre that flourished from the 16th to the 18th century. He is distinguished by a long nose and typically dressed in white with a black mask. He is often depicted in various kinds of misadventures and singing about love, hunger, and money. He is considered a symbol of the Neapolitan spirit, with its mix of cunning, humor, and melancholy.

Serafini's Pulcinellopedia is conceived as a musical suite, divided into nine scenes with an intermission. It features the oddly surreal and globally recognized character, whose origins have been lost in the mists of the time. An ancestor of Pulcinella was certainly Maccus, the protagonist of the Atellanae Fabulae, very popular farces in ancient Rome, but it was in the early 17th century that the character assumed the name and costume that we all know.

The book is filled with fascinating and mysterious illustrations that show Pulcinella in various situations, such as riding a bicycle, playing chess, flying a kite, or being chased by a giant snail. The drawings are accompanied by brief texts in what appears to be a gibberish language, similar to the one used in the Codex Seraphinianus. The book is also influenced by Serafini's involvement with the 1982 Carnival of Venice, the first revival of the famous festivity after two centuries of silence.

Pulcinellopedia is a tribute to a rebellious antihero who must come to grips with the challenges of everyday life. It is also a testament to Serafini's imaginative and creative genius, who has created a unique language and a world of his own. The book is highly sought after and very valuable, fetching more than one thousand dollars if book collectors are lucky enough to get their hands on a copy. However, there are also some online sources that offer a pdf version of the book for free .

If you are interested in exploring Serafini's work further, you can also check out his other books, such as Codex Seraphinianus (1981), Storie naturali (2006), Il teatro della memoria (2009), and La favola di Aulo Cornelio Celso (2017). You can also visit his official website or follow him on Instagram.


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