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JulianaDropKickrar: A Rising Star in the Gaming World

JulianaDropKickrar is a popular online gamer and streamer who has amassed a huge fan base on various platforms. She is known for her skills, humor, and personality in playing various games, especially first-person shooters and battle royale games. She is also a talented singer and songwriter who occasionally uploads her original songs and covers on YouTube.

Who is JulianaDropKickrar?

JulianaDropKickrar, whose real name is Juliana Lee, is a 23-year-old American gamer and streamer of Korean descent. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she still lives with her parents and younger brother. She started playing video games at a young age, influenced by her brother and father, who are also avid gamers. She attended UCLA, where she majored in computer science and minored in music. She graduated with honors in 2022 and decided to pursue a full-time career as a professional gamer and streamer.

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What does JulianaDropKickrar do?

JulianaDropKickrar is mainly known for streaming her gameplay on [Facebook Gaming], where she has over 10 million followers. She plays a variety of games, but her favorites are [Call of Duty: Warzone]( [Fortnite]( [Apex Legends]( and [Valorant]( She is also a member of the [FaZe Clan]( one of the most prestigious and influential gaming organizations in the world. She often collaborates with other famous gamers and streamers, such as [Ninja]( [Shroud]( [Pokimane]( and [Dr Disrespect](

Besides gaming, JulianaDropKickrar is also passionate about music. She has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers, where she uploads her original songs and covers of popular songs. She plays the guitar, piano, and ukulele, and has a beautiful voice that can range from soft and sweet to powerful and energetic. Some of her most popular songs are "Drop It Like It's Hot", "Game Over", "You're My Player 2", and "I'm Not Your Princess". She also performs live on her streams sometimes, taking requests from her fans and singing along with them.

Why is JulianaDropKickrar famous?

JulianaDropKickrar is famous for many reasons, but mainly because she is an amazing gamer and entertainer. She has a knack for playing games at a high level, while also making them fun and engaging for her viewers. She has a witty and charming personality that makes her easy to relate to and enjoy watching. She is also very interactive with her fans, often chatting with them, answering their questions, giving them tips and advice, and thanking them for their support. She is not afraid to express her opinions and emotions, whether it's excitement, frustration, joy, or anger. She is also very humble and respectful of other gamers and streamers, regardless of their skill level or popularity.

Another reason why JulianaDropKickrar is famous is because she is a role model for many young girls and women who aspire to be gamers and streamers. She proves that gaming is not only for boys or men, but for anyone who loves it and wants to pursue it as a hobby or career. She also shows that being a gamer does not mean sacrificing other interests or talents, such as music or academics. She inspires many people with her passion, dedication, creativity, and positivity.

Where can I find JulianaDropKickrar?

If you want to watch JulianaDropKickrar play games, sing songs, or just hang out with her fans, you can follow her on these platforms:

  • [Facebook Gaming]: This is where she streams most of her gameplay live. You can also watch her past streams or clips on her page.

  • [YouTube]: This is where she uploads her music videos and other content. You can also watch her live performances or vlogs on her channel.

  • [Instagram]( This is where she posts her photos and stories. You can also see her behind-the-scenes or personal life on her account.

  • [Twitter]( This is where she tweets her thoughts and updates. You can also interact with her or see what she likes or retweets on her profile.

JulianaDropKickrar is one of the most popular and talented gamers and streamers in the world. She has a loyal and passionate fan base that supports her in everything she does. She is also a positive and inspiring figure for many people who share her love for gaming and music. She is definitely someone you should check out if you want to have some fun and entertainment.

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