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Rufilla Latin Translation

Rufilla Latin Translation

Rufilla is a character from the Cambridge Latin Course, a series of textbooks that teach Latin to students. She is the wife of Salvius, a wealthy and powerful Roman who owns a large estate in Britain. Rufilla is portrayed as a spoiled and unhappy woman who complains about everything and is never satisfied with her husband's gifts.

In Stage 14 of the course, Rufilla and Salvius have a heated argument in their bedroom. Rufilla accuses Salvius of being a cruel man who forced her to leave her friends in Londinium, the capital city of Roman Britain. She says that she wants to live near the city, where she can enjoy the social life and the luxuries of urban living. Salvius reminds her that she chose the country house herself, and that he bought it for her despite its high price. He says that Rufilla is ungrateful and that the house is elegant and magnificent. Rufilla replies that winter is coming and that she does not want to spend it in the isolated countryside. She says that it is not proper for a Roman woman to live without friends, and that she cannot visit them because of the distance.

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The dialogue between Rufilla and Salvius is written in Latin, and students are expected to translate it into English as part of their learning activities. The translation can be challenging for beginners, as it involves complex sentences, different verb tenses and moods, and various grammatical constructions. However, there are some online resources that can help students with their translation task, such as:

  • [Google Translate]: A free service that instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. It can be useful for getting a general idea of the meaning of a text, but it is not very accurate or reliable for translating Latin.

  • [Stage 14 Rufilla Translation Flashcards]: A set of flashcards on Quizlet that contain the Latin sentences and their English translations. Students can use them to study, test, or review their knowledge of the dialogue.

  • [Book II Stage 14 Teacher's Guide]: A PDF document from the Cambridge School Classics Project that provides some background information, teaching suggestions, and discussion questions for Stage 14. It also includes a commentary on the dialogue, explaining the grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects of each sentence.

By using these resources, students can improve their skills in reading and translating Latin texts. They can also learn more about Rufilla and Salvius, two characters who represent different aspects of Roman society and culture in Britain.

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