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Dj Jaivane Presents Amapiano July Birthday Month 2018 (2 Hour LiveMix) Mp3

DJ Jaivane's July Birthday Mix 2018: A Review

If you are a fan of amapiano, the South African house music subgenre that blends elements of jazz, kwaito, and lounge music, you have probably heard of DJ Jaivane. He is one of the pioneers and most popular DJs of this style, and he has released several mixes and albums that showcase his talent and passion. One of his most notable works is the July Birthday Mix 2018, a two-hour live mix that he released to celebrate his birthday and his musical journey. In this article, we will review this mix and tell you why you should listen to it.

Who is DJ Jaivane?

DJ Jaivane is a South African DJ, recording artist, and record producer. He was born Luyanda Mlonzi on July 9, 1992, in Diepkloof, Soweto. He started his career as a cashier at Pick 'n' Pay, but he always had a passion for music. He met his friend and fellow DJ, DJ Stokie, at a Danish pub in Soweto, and they started performing together at events and ceremonies. They faced many challenges and hardships, but they never gave up on their dreams. They gradually gained recognition and popularity for their amapiano mixes and energetic vibes on stage.

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DJ Jaivane's biography is a story of perseverance and dedication. He grew up in a poor family and had to work as a cashier to support them. He also had to perform at events for little or no pay, sometimes only getting a plate of food as compensation. He did not let these obstacles stop him from pursuing his passion for music. He met DJ Stokie, who became his close friend and partner in the music industry. They worked hard and improved their skills, and eventually started getting paid for their performances. They also went on tours across the country, playing their amapiano sets at various venues. They became known as the kings of amapiano, and DJ Jaivane earned the nickname "Simnandi", which means "we are having fun".

Music style and influences

DJ Jaivane's music style is amapiano, a subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa in the mid-2010s. Amapiano is characterized by slow-paced beats, deep basslines, piano melodies, percussions, synths, and vocals. It is influenced by jazz, kwaito, lounge music, and other house subgenres. DJ Jaivane's influences include other amapiano artists such as Kabza De Small, MFR Souls, De Mthuda, JazziDisciples, Vigro Deep, Kelvin Momo, Entity Musiq, Muziqal Tone, Sinny Man'Que, LeeMckrazy, Khanya De Vocalist, Lil Mo, ATK MusiQ, TribeSoul, J&S Projects, T&T MuziQ, Spizzy, BlackPrint Enterprise, Sam Solute Nhlanhla Kea M., Djy Buddy Biggie , P Tee , Tox Music , Forward Music Publishing Co., Ltd., Sony Music Publishing , Hexacorp (music publishing), LatinAutorPerf , UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM , UMPG Publishing , SOLAR Music Rights Management , The Orchard Music , Reinett Thomas Kwapeng , Thabang Mpendulo Ntamo , Wilfred Mohure , Luyanda Ndlovu , Nhlakanipho Mthethwa , Tracy , Taker Over , The Saga , SAMusic Promotion , Amapiano Popular songs and albums

DJ Jaivane has released many songs and albums that have become hits in the amapiano scene. Some of his most popular songs include XpensiveClections, Simnandi, Ntokzin Ntokozo, Private School Amapiano, Shaka Zulu, and Umshove. He has also collaborated with other artists such as Njelic, Mkeyz, Daliwonga, Mphow69, and MDU aka TRP. Some of his most popular albums include Simnandi Vol 23, Simnandi Vol 24, Simnandi Vol 25, XpensiveClections Vol 41, and XpensiveClections Vol 42. He has also released several live mixes on his YouTube channel, such as the July Birthday Mix 2018.

What is the July Birthday Mix 2018?

The July Birthday Mix 2018 is a live mix that DJ Jaivane recorded and released on his birthday, July 9, 2018. It is a two-hour mix that features some of the best amapiano songs and artists of that time. It is one of his most popular and acclaimed mixes, as it showcases his skills and versatility as a DJ. It is also a celebration of his musical journey and achievements.

Background and context

The July Birthday Mix 2018 was recorded at a club called Zone 6 Venue in Soweto. DJ Jaivane invited some of his friends and fellow DJs to join him on stage, such as DJ Stokie, DJ Maphorisa, DJ Tira, DJ Zinhle, and DJ Sbu. He also invited some of the artists that he featured on his mix, such as Njelic, Mkeyz, Daliwonga, Mphow69, and MDU aka TRP. The mix was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, and it attracted thousands of viewers and fans. The mix was also uploaded on various platforms such as SoundCloud, Datafilehost, Fakaza, Zamusic, Hiphopza, and Slikouronlife.

Tracklist and features

The July Birthday Mix 2018 consists of 32 tracks that span across different genres and styles of amapiano. The mix features some of the classic amapiano songs such as Shesha by De Mthuda and Njelic, Umshove by Kabza De Small and Leehleza, Amabele by ThackzinDJ and Killer Kau, and AmaBlesser by Mlindo The Vocalist and DJ Maphorisa. The mix also features some of the newer amapiano songs such as Vula Vala by Vigro Deep and Nokwazi, Kokota by KayGee DaKing and Bizizi, Baby Are You Coming by Zero12Finest and Thamagnificent2, and Abantwana by Gaba Cannal and Zano. The mix also features some of the exclusive songs that DJ Jaivane produced or remixed himself, such as Simnandi by DJ Jaivane and Mkeyz, XpensiveClections by DJ Jaivane and Luu Nineleven, Ntokzin Ntokozo by DJ Jaivane and Ntokzin, and Private School Amapiano by DJ Jaivane and ATK MusiQ.

Download link and cover art

If you want to download the July Birthday Mix 2018 for free, you can use this link: . The cover art for the mix is a picture of DJ Jaivane smiling with a cake in front of him. The cake has candles that spell out "Simnandi". The cover art also has the title of the mix in white letters on a black background.

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Why you should listen to the July Birthday Mix 2018

The July Birthday Mix 2018 is not just a mix of songs. It is a musical experience that will take you on a journey through the sounds and vibes of amapiano. Here are some reasons why you should listen to it:

The mix showcases DJ Jaivane's skills and versatility

DJ Jaivane is not only a DJ but also a record producer and a recording artist. He has produced many songs for himself and other artists. He has also recorded his own vocals on some of his songs. He has a unique style of mixing that blends different genres and elements of amapiano. He can switch from slow to fast tempo, from deep to soulful sounds, from vocal to instrumental tracks. He can also create smooth transitions between songs that keep the flow and energy of the mix. He can also interact with the crowd and hype them up with his voice The mix features some of the best amapiano artists and songs

The mix is a compilation of some of the most talented and popular amapiano artists and songs in the industry. The mix features artists such as Kabza De Small, Vigro Deep, MFR Souls, De Mthuda, JazziDisciples, Njelic, Mkeyz, Daliwonga, Mphow69, MDU aka TRP, and many more. These artists have contributed to the growth and development of amapiano as a genre, and they have produced some of the most catchy and memorable songs. The mix also features songs that have become anthems and classics in the amapiano scene, such as Shesha, Umshove, Vula Vala, Kokota, Baby Are You Coming, Abantwana, and many more. These songs have received millions of streams and downloads, and they have been played at clubs, parties, weddings, and festivals. These songs have also influenced other genres and cultures, such as gqom, afrobeat, hip hop, and pop.

The mix is a celebration of DJ Jaivane's birthday and career

The mix is not o

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