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Shabekuri 007 Eng Sub Download Film

Shabekuri 007: A Popular Japanese Variety Show

Shabekuri 007 (しゃべくり007) is a Japanese variety show that airs every Monday night on NTV. The show features seven comedians who interview various guests, such as actors, singers, idols, and athletes. The show is known for its witty and humorous conversations, as well as its challenges and games that test the guests' skills and personalities.

The seven comedians who host the show are:

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  • Koji Imada (今田耕司), the leader of the group and the oldest member.

  • Takashi Okamura (岡村隆史), the co-leader and the most popular member.

  • Gaku Hamada (濱田岳), the youngest member and the most innocent one.

  • Muga Tsukaji (塚地武雅), the most energetic and loud member.

  • Shingo Fujimori (藤森慎吾), the most handsome and stylish member.

  • Toshifumi Fujimoto (藤本敏史), the most serious and calm member.

  • Koji Higashino (東野幸治), the most sarcastic and cynical member.

The show has been running since 2006 and has gained a loyal fan base both in Japan and abroad. The show has featured many famous guests, such as Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, BTS, BLACKPINK, IZ*ONE, and many more.

How to Watch Shabekuri 007 with English Subtitles

Unfortunately, Shabekuri 007 is not officially available with English subtitles. However, there are some fan-made subtitles that can be found online. Here are some ways to watch Shabekuri 007 with English subtitles:

  • Visit [IZ*SUBS], a fan site that provides English subtitles for IZ*ONE's appearances on various shows, including Shabekuri 007. You can watch or download the video with subtitles from their site.

  • Visit [007Fansubs] or [], two Facebook pages that provide English subtitles for various episodes of Shabekuri 007. You can watch or download the video with subtitles from their pages.

  • Search for "Shabekuri 007 eng sub" on YouTube or Dailymotion. You might find some videos with subtitles uploaded by fans. However, these videos might be low quality or incomplete.

Please note that these subtitles are not official and might contain errors or inaccuracies. Also, please respect the original creators and do not re-upload or redistribute their work without permission.

Why You Should Watch Shabekuri 007

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, comedy, or celebrities, you should definitely watch Shabekuri 007. Here are some reasons why you should watch Shabekuri 007:

  • You can learn more about Japanese culture, such as slang, customs, trends, food, and entertainment.

  • You can laugh along with the hilarious jokes and pranks of the hosts and guests.

  • You can see a different side of your favorite celebrities, as they reveal their secrets, opinions, talents, and quirks.

  • You can enjoy the chemistry and friendship between the hosts and guests, as they tease, compliment, challenge, and support each other.

  • You can discover new celebrities that you might not know before, as they showcase their charm and charisma.

Shabekuri 007 is a show that will make you smile, laugh, and learn. It is a show that will entertain you and brighten up your day. It is a show that you should not miss!

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