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Everything You Need to Know About the Power Rangers Franchise and Its History

Power Rangers: The Ultimate Guide to the Superhero Franchise

If you are a fan of superheroes, action, adventure, and teamwork, you have probably heard of or watched Power Rangers. Power Rangers is a long-running entertainment and merchandising franchise that features a team of human or humanoid warriors who morph into colorful costumes and fight evil forces with special powers and giant robots. But how much do you really know about this iconic franchise? In this article, we will give you an ultimate guide to Power Rangers, covering its origin, history, characters, merchandise, and more. Whether you are a loyal fan or a curious newcomer, you will find something interesting and useful in this article. So let's get started!

power rangers

History of Power Rangers

Power Rangers is based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai, which has been producing live-action superhero television series since 1975. The creator of Power Rangers, Haim Saban, was inspired by Super Sentai when he saw it during a business trip to Japan in 1984. He decided to adapt Super Sentai for American audiences by using footage from the Japanese series and adding new scenes with American actors. He pitched his idea to several networks, but was rejected until he met Margaret Loesch, the head of Fox Kids, who agreed to air his show.

The first Power Rangers series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, debuted on August 28, 1993, and became an instant hit. It introduced the concept of five teenagers with attitude who were recruited by a wise mentor named Zordon to become Power Rangers and fight against the evil witch Rita Repulsa. The show also featured a line of action figures and other toys by Bandai that became very popular among children. By 2001, the franchise had generated over $6 billion in toy sales.

Since then, Power Rangers has produced 29 television seasons of 21 different themed series and three theatrical films released in 1995, 1997, and 2017. The franchise has also changed ownership several times. It was originally owned by Saban Entertainment until it was sold to The Walt Disney Company in 2001. In 2010, Saban regained ownership of the franchise from Disney. In 2018, Hasbro acquired the franchise from Saban for $522 million.

Power Rangers has also evolved and changed over time to keep up with the trends and preferences of its audience. The series has explored different genres, settings, themes, stories, characters, costumes, powers, weapons, zords, villains, allies, and more. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • The introduction of new colors for Power Rangers besides red, blue, yellow, black, pink, green, white, gold, silver, purple, orange, and aqua.

  • The introduction of new types of Power Rangers besides core rangers, sixth rangers, extra rangers, shadow rangers, spirit rangers, and ranger-like allies.

  • The introduction of new sources of power for Power Rangers besides dinosaurs, mythical creatures, animals, elements, vehicles, planets, constellations, ninja arts, magic, gems, cards, medals, batteries, coins, stars and keys.

  • The introduction of new modes and forms for Power Rangers besides morphing, super modes, mega modes, ultra modes, legendary modes, battle boosters, armor modes, and power-ups.

  • The introduction of new team-ups and crossovers for Power Rangers with other Power Rangers teams or other franchises such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masked Rider, and Beetleborgs.

  • The introduction of new spin-offs and adaptations for Power Rangers such as comics, novels, video games, web series, and fan films.

Power Rangers has also faced some challenges and controversies over the years. Some of the issues include:

  • The criticism of Power Rangers for being too violent, sexist, racist, or inappropriate for children by some parents, educators, and activists.

  • The legal disputes and conflicts between Saban, Disney, Hasbro, Bandai, Toei, and other parties involved in the production and distribution of Power Rangers.

  • The scandals and tragedies involving some of the actors and crew members of Power Rangers, such as arrests, lawsuits, accidents, deaths, and suicides.

Despite these challenges and controversies, Power Rangers has remained a successful and influential franchise that has entertained and inspired millions of fans around the world. It has also created a loyal and passionate fan community that has contributed to the franchise's growth and development through various fan works, events, conventions, podcasts, websites, forums, blogs, social media platforms, and more.

Characters of Power Rangers

One of the most appealing aspects of Power Rangers is its diverse and dynamic cast of characters. Over the years, Power Rangers has introduced hundreds of characters that have played different roles and functions in the franchise. Some of the main categories of characters are:

Power Rangers

Power Rangers are the main protagonists and heroes of the franchise. They are usually ordinary people who are chosen or recruited by a mentor or a higher power to become Power Rangers and protect the world from evil. They have access to special powers, weapons, vehicles, zords, and other resources that help them in their missions. They also have distinctive costumes that reflect their colors, themes, symbols, and personalities. They usually work as a team of five or six members, but sometimes they can have more or less members depending on the situation. They also often team up with other Power Rangers teams or allies from different times or dimensions.

Some of the most famous and popular Power Rangers are:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Power Rangers Zeo

Power Rangers Turbo

Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Megaforce

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Dino Charge

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Power Rangers Dino Fury

Rita Repulsa

Lord Zedd


Alpha 5

Tommy Oliver

Kimberly Hart

Jason Lee Scott

Billy Cranston

Trini Kwan

Zack Taylor

Rocky DeSantos

Adam Park

Aisha Campbell

Katherine Hillard

Tanya Sloan

Justin Stewart

Carlos Vallerte

Ashley Hammond

Cassie Chan

T.J. Johnson




Leo Corbett

Mike Corbett





Jason Lee Scott


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Austin St. John

Tommy Oliver


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo/Turbo/Dino Thunder

Jason David Frank

Kimberly Hart


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Amy Jo Johnson

Billy Cranston


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo/Turbo (as a mentor)

David Yost

Zack Taylor


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Walter Jones

Trini Kwan


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Thuy Trang

Rocky DeSantos


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo

Steve Cardenas

Aisha Campbell


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Karan Ashley

Kat Hillard


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zeo/Turbo (as a mentor)

Catherine Sutherland

T.J. Johnson


Turbo/In Space

Selwyn Ward

Cassie Chan


Turbo/In Space

Patricia Ja Lee

Carlos Vallerte


Turbo/In Space

Roger Velasco

Ashley Hammond


Turbo/In Space

Tracy Lynn Cruz


Villains are the main antagonists and enemies of the franchise. They are usually evil beings or organizations that seek to conquer, destroy, or corrupt the world or the universe. They have access to various minions, monsters, weapons, vehicles, and other resources that help them in their schemes. They also have distinctive appearances and personalities that reflect their motives and goals. They usually work as a group of one or more leaders and several subordinates, but sometimes they can have internal conflicts or betrayals among themselves. They also often clash with other villains or allies from different times or dimensions.

Some of the most famous and popular villains are:

Name Type Series Actor

Rita Repulsa Witch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Machiko Soga (Japanese footage) Barbara Goodson (voice) Carla Perez (American footage) Elizabeth Banks (2017 film)

Lord Zedd Emperor Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Rangers Zeo Power Rangers in Space Power Rangers Dino Thunder (cameo) Power Rangers Beast Morphers Power Rangers Dino Fury (cameo) Power Rangers Cosmic Fury (cameo) Power Rangers: The Movie Power Rangers: Turbo (cameo) Po

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